Thursday, May 30, 2013

Faith & Fitness Week: Gains and Loss

I'm sure this is the first of many posts about Faith & Fitness Week, I'm just so unsure of where to start.

Let's start with what I lost.

  1. According to their scale -- 4 pounds, Sunday night to Friday morning.
  2. My Fear -- I don't feel intimidated by things I can't do or things I've never tried.
Now, what did I gain?
  1. A greater sense of peace about where God has me headed. Every morning we did prayer walks where I literally prayed and worshiped the entire 45 minutes. Then every night we had service and small groups. Never have I been with God so much! I can't even describe to you what it feels like to finally have HIM in the center of this journey.
  2. More confidence to try new things -- I did two spinning classes!! It was never something I wanted to try. I thought I was going to die 5 minutes in, but I did it... TWICE!! :)
  3. I found my love for the water -- Every single day we had a water workout. When I was younger (before I gained my weight), I LOVED swimming. I was a fish! As I gained weight I was in the water less and less. Kelli, our swim instructor, even told me I was great in the water. 
  4. Great friends -- A new support system community that were great spending time with and have been great encouragers since I got home!
  5. Knowledge about working out, eating, and my faith.
There were so many aspects to the week and I'm going to go into detail about them, each in their own post, because there's so much I want to share!

Stay tuned for more!