Sunday, December 30, 2012

In Review

All in all, 2012 hasn't been a horrible year. It seems the last couple of months I haven't done so great at my goals, but this has been one of the healthiest years I've ever had. Here's what I did:

*completed four 5k races - next year I'm shooting for six.
*completed three 10-day boot camps.
*worked out with a trainer all year.
*A1c went from 6.5 to 5.7

In December I got 1/2 way through the squat challenge when the kid's Christmas program took over my life. :) I did very well at testing and meds every day.

For my January goals, I've done two fitness goals, two behavior goals, AND added one thing to add or subtract every week.

The 50-50-50 challenge is 50 push ups, 50 squats, and 50 kettlebell exercises 5 days a week. HERE WE COME 2013!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not So Healthy Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas - gathered around your family and friends.

My time at home was good - other than the 7:30am weight loss talk with my mother (insert eye roll). I spent a lot of time with my brother, Kyle - was very good!! Other than being a tad lonely at the thought of the fifth wheel, it was good. Here's me and the sibs (and their significant others).

One thing I did that I hadn't planned on doing was gorging on sweets and eating whatever I wanted.

One thing I didn't do that I had planned on doing was working out.

Ugh - more disappointment that I stink. I haven't logged any food for three weeks - there goes that December goal. I have been doing very good with my meds and testing my sugars though. It's been two days, but I'm loving this new medicine. No sickness and it's easy peasy to do! I'm still scared when I put the pen against my skin, but so far so good!

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and prayers of support.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Deja Vu

Today I had my six month check up with my primary doctor AND my first visit to the endocrinologist.

The Good News? My primary doctor gave me my lab results -- all numbers have improved. A1c is now 5.7! I was super excited about that number...

Until I went to the endocrinologist...

Hearing him call me morbidly obese and that the solution was gastric bypass; I felt like I was being diagnosed all over again. I talked to him about my issues losing weight and my problems with my medicines. That I hadn't even been taking it because it made me so sick.

The solution:

He wants me to lose 50 lbs. (Duh).

He stopped my medicine that the primary doctor prescribed. He gave me a new prescription of victoza and also glumetza. Victoza scares me.

I'm scared.

I'm nervous.

Victoza is a pen. I have to poke myself, like insulin but it's not. The good thing about this medicine is that it's a hormone, that will help me lose weight, suppress my appetite, and control my sugars. Hopefully it will not cause the nauseous feeling that the other one did.

I go back in three months so he can check my labs again -- will keep you updated. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Squat Challenge

It's almost mid-month, how are we doing with our goals?  I'm not doing too bad actually, even on the squat challenge. I forgot to post what the challenge is, but here it is if you'd like to join me for the rest of the month. :) We're on day 13, so it's 75 squats!! So far the only day I've missed was yesterday, so I'll be doing 145 throughout the day - 3 sets of 49 to make it easy math. 

I hope you're enjoying getting ready for the Holidays and not letting it stress you out! I think this is the first Christmas in a long time where I haven't been worried about gifts. I'm going to Nebraska to see my family - and that's all I need! I'm so excited to see them and hang out with my brothers.

Ok - it's time to start my day... with some squats! :) 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Goals

Another month down and another one started. I won't even tell you how I did last month. :)

I'm in the middle of another 10-day fat blast (boot camp) at my gym. My goals for this month are a little bit different than previous ones - I'm trying to change it up, but also wanted to do goals that were realistic through the holidays, that I could continue while I'm in Nebraska for five days for Christmas.

They're pretty self explanatory. I found the squat challenge on one of the pages I follow on Facebook. It started with 20 squats yesterday and ends the month with 100. Now THAT will be the challenge.

What are yours?? I'm always looking for buddies to help motivate and encourage and hopefully I can do the same for you!!