Saturday, June 22, 2013

Faith & Fitness Week: Food

Wow. I didn't realize I hadn't finished posting this. :) So a month later... lol

I have to tell you, this was truly my first experience where healthy food could be SOOOO good!! There were several things that we had during the week that I've been scared to try, so I was excited about that.

Here's the new stuff I tried:

French Toast - Multigrain dipped in egg whites. We had it with berries and sugar free syrup. So good!

Quinoa (a grain, like rice). I would definitely buy it to make for myself and cook it in a low-sodium stock to give it more flavor.

Salmon - I've wanted to try it forever, but when you eat somewhere, you don't want to pay for it, just in case you don't like it! This was seasoned with tomato-basil Mrs. Dash and it was YUM!!! I could have five things... but I think that would defeat the purpose.

Egg White Omelet w/ spinach and cheese: They do one whole egg, and then some egg whites. I never thought egg whites could taste so good, but this was yum!! They also suggested cooking it just like you're frying the egg and having it with whole wheat toast or english muffin -- we had this one day also.

Kashi Go lean Crunch - I had mine with skim milk. I loved this cereal, it tasted like the puffs I had as a kid. :)

Other than those things, we had chicken, salad, brown rice, and veggies galore. :) I learned about some different things, some I already knew about, but it confirmed I need to try them!

PB2 - powdered peanut butter, good for shakes, but you can add water to make it paste-like.

Oatmega Protein Bars - Organic, with not as much sugar. Have to buy them on, because apparently they only sell them in Texas.

Plain Greek Yogurt - Typically I buy the flavored ones, but they gave us ideas on how to make them good without the added sugar, etc. 

Since coming home I have been eating egg whites - yesterday for breakfast I had egg whites, one piece of toast, and a tomato. I also learned that when you snack, if you have a fruit you need a protein to go with that. At camp we always had string cheese or almonds with apples or a banana. I miss that little bubble when I didn't have to count anything and it was all portioned out for me! It was so easy -- but I guess if it was easy, everyone would do it. :)

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