Saturday, June 1, 2013

Faith & Fitness Week: Our Trainers

I cannot praise our trainers enough! All of them were so attentive and amazing! I was blessed by each of their stories for different reasons. It was appreciated and didn't go unnoticed how vulnerable they were with us all throughout the week. Whether it was stories during meals, or sitting with us one-on-one to go over different things.

The trainers of the week were (pictured left to right):

John: Is the 2013 Mr. America... yes, a body builder. He has such an amazing heart for God and is completely focused on the person he is helping. He forced (I mean pushed) me to leg press 260 pounds at the end of the week. He took time to learn about us so that he could know enough about what we could do.

Laurie: I was so blessed by her spirit! The very first night she took me aside and asked if I wanted to talk. I was a tad intimidated, but said yes. Again, she asked so many questions so she could learn about us and our struggles. She taught us a lot about at home workouts. No more excuses of you can get to the gym!!!

Charline: I love this lady! She is a Team Beachbody Coach. Her story spoke to me so much and she was such an encourager. She did the very first workout with us and I'm sure was a little scary for her, too! :)

Kelli: Is actually the wellness director at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (where this event took place). She took time out of her busy schedule to do water workouts with us and even help out during the various sessions.

Alex from this season's Biggest Loser was also there to help us throughout the week. She did an amazing job at teaching us what she learned while on BL!

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