Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's almost mid-November. Still struggling with the same goals, and with the holidays coming, it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm slowly coming to terms that IT'S OK! The weather has been dreary today, so I'm getting ready to do another basement workout.

My basement workout:  50 crunches, 50 push ups, 30 squats (10 regular, 20 one-legged), 2 minutes on the stairs, and 2 minutes running laps. Definitely got my heart rate up and I was a little sore this morning when I woke up. Tonight I'll be adding bicep curls, jumping jacks, timing a plank to see how long I can go.

Anyway - I digress. My question tonight is do you measure your food or do you eyeball it? I've been trying to measure using my hand, but I think I might have to start using the measuring cups for a more accurate calorie count. Whether you use MFP or another online tool, just curious how you judge how MUCH you have.

In other news, I got an email that my first Nature Box shipped yesterday!! I've been so ecstatic waiting for it, I can't wait!! If you're interested, put me down as a referral and I'll get a free box and you'll get 25% off your first order! I'm excited to have new and healthy snacks to try because snacking is always my downfall.

Time to hit the workout and prepare workout schedule for another week! Have a good one!

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