Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Race Day First

Today I experienced a race day first for me.

My first DNS. For those that are unfamiliar with the term -- DNS means Did Not Start.

I went to bed early enough so I could be ready for my alarm at 5:15am. My goal was to be out of the house by 5:30, giving me an hour to get to downtown KC, and another hour before race time.

I woke up at 5:30 and ended up not leaving the house until 5:45 - which I didn't think was a big delay. Then I had to stop and get gas in the car. Then I had to get cash to park. I arrived at Union Station around 7:05. The 5k portion was set to start at 7:30. I was rushing a little but thought I'd be ok.

Got to where I thought I was supposed to be... and it wasn't. Then I saw runners... which were the marathoners. Walked up the street a little ways and saw that wasn't right either. Finally I walked across the skywalk to the other side... and there.... was the start line... with no runners. All portions had started and I was officially sunk.

I walked back to my car and thought long and hard. Drove home.. and cried.

I felt like a failure.
A disappointment.

I wanted to go home and hibernate from the world all day long. Have you ever experienced a DNS? How did you overcome the funk? I have the feeling of not wanting to try. The Color Run in Charlotte is in one month, so I do need to get ready. 

Small success - I'm two days free of candy and desserts. :)

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