Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shoes and Results

Let's start with shoes. I need help choosing. I'm trying to run, but wondering if I should also just go with cross trainers.  The pair I have now, I've had for awhile... my trainer keeps telling me I need new ones, which I know I do. I can tell a difference in how I hurt.

Now... the results. In the last 10 days....

I've lost..........

2 lbs

and 3 total inches.

YEAH!!!! Like I said, I was a little concerned because I haven't been as strict this time as I was last month. The next one is right after Thanksgiving. I'll be doing that one because both my birthday and Thanksgiving are in November.

How are you all doing out there?


  1. I love ya Leslie....keep your chin up and enjoy your new shoes!!! :)
    Hey Les, would you consider removing the word verification step from posting?? It's a pain in the tush.

  2. :) Val - I changed the word verification just for you. :)

    1. I love you Leslie, and not because you changed the word verification thingy either. Stand tall and be proud, GOD made a BEAUTIFUL PERSON when he made you!!

  3. Shoes can change the world!!!! You can do it!!!