Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Check & Go

It's time to see how we did on our October goals and post new ones for November. I know mine did not bode well, but tomorrow's a new day. It's a daily struggle and spiritual battle. There's a community on facebook called "Feeding my face faith" and I LOVE what she has to say. Today was:

Our weight & body image issues are much more than a number on a scale or a clothing size. This fight is about the war raging in our hearts that ruins the abundant life Jesus wants for us. 
You might think I'm crazy for "being all spiritual" on you, but if you struggle in this area, it absolutely, 100%, without a doubt boils down to spiritual warfare. It means we - with His power residing in us - must demolish the idol of food cravings and give God the number one spot He so rightly deserves.

We aren't dogs to be rewarded with food. If you workout, you can have one piece of chocolate, etc. I'm going to start making other rewards if I accomplish a goal ... pedicure, music downloads, etc. I'm learning and struggling. I digress - back to October goals. Here's what I did:

October Goals
1. MFP everyday
2. No dessert
3. 10-day fat blasting
4. Lose 4 lbs during fat blast
5. One day off a week

I lost 2 lbs during fat blast, which I'm still proud of. My one day off a week turned into more; ugh. Annoying.

So tonight I'm planning workouts and goals for November. November is hard for me - always. My birthday is the 15th and Thanksgiving is the week after. For November, my goals will be staying the same until I can accomplish at least half. It will be especially difficult since I'll be traveling (to Charlotte) November 14-18. However, I'm going to do the Color Run, so I'm hoping that the friend I'm staying with will have lots of active stuff for us to do! :)

November Goals
1. MFP everyday
2. No dessert
3. 10-day fat blasting
4. One day off a week
5. Eat CLEAN (no processed)
6. Daily challenge workouts

There we have it. Good luck!

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