Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For the last week I've been doing the 10-day fat blast at my gym again. I wasn't as strict with myself as I was last month, but I did ok (results coming tomorrow).

Last night my trainer taught our class and it was called STEP IT UP. First of all -- I hate the stairmaster. If I haven't said it before - I will now. I hate the stairmaster. LOATHE it.

Anyway. I went to ab class, which is also taught by my trainer. Then drove to the track where class was going to be held in 20 minutes. Trainer gets there and says come walk with me! So we walked around the track 3 times (4 times is a mile). Class starts and I quickly realize I'm going to hate the next 30 minutes.

Well. This big fat bully -- no pun intended -- was just plain rude!! I'm so glad the 10 days is over because I'm not sure I could deal with her for another 10 days. The first exercise, we have to pair up and while one of us is running stairs, the other person has to go up and down the bleachers sideways. She tells me I better not dillydally around ....  Ok - well you don't know me, so shut your mouth.

Then we all go to the same end and have to run the stairs across and down the other side. She tells me that my short legs better go last. I'm thinking, "OK Really?!?!"

One of girls says "That was mean." and another girl tells me that I can go in front of her. By the point I'm done. Spent. Then we have to walk the straights of the track, jog the curves. I do it the first time, but  my feet and legs are killing me (I need new shoes - more on that tomorrow as well).

One girl stops to wait for me. I was so thankful for her and it put a smile on my face.

Tonight in class we had to do step-ups on the weight bench. This girl again says, "Leslie, you might need the short bench with your short legs." Ok. Yes. I am aware I'm short. I've been this height since I was 15. Shut up. The teacher tonight is like, "Oh, I can get the other one..." It's fine. I made it work.

Really?? I'm 31 years old and have to deal with bullies squashing my self esteem in gym class? I'm don't generally bully people at the gym, but I'm definitely going to be a lot more thoughtful before I judge.

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