Saturday, March 2, 2013


I'm sick of snow... I'm sick of being sick. Ugh. The end of February was awful, let me just say.Being sick has really thrown me off ~ I was looking forward to a chiropractor appointment this morning and then going in to work. A new discovery that apparently I can't eat shellfish with my medication left me up all night in the bathroom (tmi, I know). So, I cancelled my appointment and stayed in bed. I've extended February's goals into March.

I bought a Living Social coupon for two weeks of unlimited classes at Title Boxing. I haven't gone in for my first session yet, but I'm excited. Today I'm thinking of different Random Act's of Kindness to do this month.

How is your season of Lent going? I'm quite surprised that I've made it 18 days without Facebook. I finished book #2 of the year -- The Sensational Scent of Prayer. It was just a short little book for those that struggle with prayer. I pray, but don't always believe that God will make it happen. I know He protects me. I know it's all in His time, but sometimes I'm tired of waiting.

Off my pity pot ~ What are your goals for the month?


  1. I think you have spring fever!! I know how you feel minus the snow,cuz we have NONE, so my world is just gray :( I did have to get on FB to reach a contact yesterday, but I didn't scroll through the status section ONLY sent a note to the friend and jumped right off. HAve a great week Leslie

  2. Hey lady!

    My gf's and I do a weekly email that includes:
    our week, 5 goals, what we plan to eat each day and how we did on last weeks goals. I could share with you if you are interested?

    Let me know how the title boxing goes. I haven't gone to mine yet either.

    Hope you feel better soon!