Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Life Without Facebook

Happy Easter!! I hope you had a great time of worship this morning, thinking about your small sacrifice for the last 46 days. Last night CJ made a comment that got me thinking. She said "I can't wait for you to get back on facebook so we have something to talk about."

This sounded kind of sad to me. What is our world coming to that our conversations revolve around what people post on Facebook? We learn about our friend's lives on Facebook. I'm not saying it's bad! I have a lot of friends spread out across the country, so I LOVE Facebook and the ability to keep in touch with everyone.

But - to base our conversations on what it says? Or what people write?? If we don't talk about what people post, apparently we have nothing to talk about. What does this say about what our society and culture has become?? I think I'm going to keep with this fasting... Every Sunday I will fast from the land of Facebook. This journey of mine is all about making ME better for myself and for my future family. I don't want to have the family that eats dinner in front of the tv. I know it'll be difficult, but I don't want us to conform to how the world does things. Spend time together. Have CONVERSATION... What a concept.

Here's to restarting the battle.


  1. Happy Easter Leslie!! Hey, I've missed you via Facebook. Let me tell ya--you are NO bad penney!! You are more precious than gold. Yes, I'm back on FB too and I read your post this a.m. :)
    I like your idea of the Sunday FB fast and I just might join you on that venture (starting next week :)
    Have a great day Leslie---HE IS RISEN!!

  2. Ummm...there's this little thing called the Hallmark fairy and they have cards that people use to write to each other--lol :-)

    I agree though, verbal communication is more fulfilling that online..does that even make sense?