Sunday, January 27, 2013


I suck. Plain and simple.

I did NONE of the workouts I scheduled for last week. I'm in a funk. Stuck.

I've actually been contemplating quitting the gym. Then do working out at home or at the track. Plus side it would save me $600 a year.

Do you guys do gym or your own home workouts?

Right now I'm not scheduling anything for this week except eating right.



  1. This too shall pass!! I am in a funk as well. I am so solar powered and all this gloomy weather is taking it's toll on my spirit. But I know the sun will come back and all things will be inline again soon.
    I don't have a gym membership--too far to drive everyday that I'm not in town working(60 miles RT). We purchased an elliptical for Christmas and I do enjoy working out on that!!
    Les, would you please PM on FB your snail mail addy?? Thx :)

    1. Where do you live that it takes 60 miles to the gym??? Unfortunately the gym is right up the street from me, but I have so many videos that I've purchased and cardio I can do around the house. I could just buy a resistance band and perhaps a stability ball to change it up. Thoughts??

  2. Hey, we live south of Lincoln--1/2 way between Beatrice and Lincoln so it would be roughly 50-55 miles round trip. It's 27 miles to work!!! Only work 3 days a week M,T,W. The elliptical is really working for me.