Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Planning

Here's my schedule for the week:

Monday - I'm restarting couch to 5k. Week 1, day 1
Tuesday - Two Class Tuesday!! Ab/Core with my trainer, then Zumba
Wednesday - Week 1, day 2 (c25k)
Thursday - Day off (will do the 50-50-50 challenge with sit-ups)
Friday - Week 1, day 3 (c25k)
Saturday - Zumba

That will be give me 7 days for 30 minutes. I need to figure out to get my fitbit tallies for the week to post so you guys can see what I do in a day. Having a desk job, it's not very much, but I try. You're supposed to get 10,000 steps in ("they" say), but my goal is usually 5,000 and I'm lucky to make that some days.

I've also realized it's pointless for me to cut things out of my diet -- dessert and bread, etc. It's about moderation, not giving up. I don't know about you, but if I give something up, I want it even more!!! :) So - my new goal is to eat nothing processed, and bread/pasta is going to be whole wheat. My friend Marybeth makes bread ALL the time, so she sent me some whole wheat pita bread, sandwich wheat, and multi-grain. I'm super excited to try them and have FRESH bread!! Kind of an oxymoron after all the cutting out of bread lately, huh? HA!

That's all for Monday, people! Get MOVING!

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