Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday's Random Thoughts

I've changed the blog up a bit. You like? (Be honest and let me know if it looks horrible). I have several things flowing in my brain right  now so I'm not sure where to go today. Today I did a lesson about newness and how God creates in us a new heart, if we pray and desire that change. So many places in the Bible show us, requesting prayer "create in me a clean heart.." We all have our thing. Whether it's drinking, smoking, or even gluttony. A sin is a sin is a sin. I follow a page on Facebook called Feeding my face Faith. She has some really great stuff -- the other day she said this:
Before pointing a finger at someone who drinks...someone who smokes...someone of a different political party...someone who's had an abortion...someone who identifies as sure you're not part of the huge population of overweight or obese Christians who clearly struggles with the sin of gluttony. Ouch, I know. Grace is for ALL; not just the sins we personally battle against. Let's get mad at OUR OWN sins.
WOW!!! Yup, guilty as charged. Even if I have to go minute by minute, I want to honor God with my choices, treating this temple that He gave me in the right way. If you've been curious about going "clean" but don't know where to start in your diet, I came across this earlier today and loved it. It gives you five weeks, so you aren't doing it all at once!

Also - tonight is the premiere of Biggest Loser, Season 14! It seems like it's been forever, so I'm super excited! I'm also excited that they're having teens on the show to help them! Jessica Limpert from Season 12 posted a challenge of how many calories you can burn during a 2-hour show. I'll be at the gym at 8pm with my tush on the treadmill to accept this challenge. Will you be watching?


  1. Hi Leslie, Okay you asked for it, my opinion. I think it looks great, I like all the colors etc. my only suggestion would be to make the text size in your post section a bit larger. Us older folks can find it a bit difficult to read.:P Love the content and your willingness to expose your life (sometimes that really takes a lot of guts) I am proud of you for getting your house in order!!
    I'm excited for BL too, I've been sick for the past week so I won't be on the treadmill or elliptical tonight but hopefully getting back to it soon. That BUG was nasty--stay away from it!!

    1. HA! You got it, lady!! Get better soon! My roommate has it right now -- really hoping I don't catch it.

  2. Thanks Leslie, This is so much easier to read!! Hope you're having a great week.