Sunday, January 20, 2013


Yesterday I promised I would tell you more about Honk Ministries.

It's a ministry that I'm starting with my roommate and two of our children's pastor friends. We are a mentoring program for children's leaders, helping small to medium sized churches with their programs. If they need curriculum, decorating ideas, set ideas, etc. That's what we'll be doing. For now, we're trying to get into conferences in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, and Nebraska. As we develop more (aka have more money) we'll be going wherever God takes us.

We're speaking at a Conference in Wichita in February, so right now we're getting ready for that. We're doing two sessions, both involving media and teaching kids. One is using social media, the other is not HAVING media. Not every church has projectors, etc. for their kids program.

Everything we're doing is just getting rolling, including a website. Once that's up, I'll share so my faithful followers can spread the word!! This is something we felt like God was calling us to do because so many churches have little to no resources for kids.

Happy Sunday -- make it a healthy one!

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