Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10-day fat blasting

On Monday I started this 10-day fat blast at my gym. There are 9 women and we get together every night at 7:30 to do a 30 minute workout. Each night we have a different trainer.

Here's the schedule:

9/10 -- Upper body blast
9/11 -- Partner blast
9/12 -- Circuit blast
9/13 -- Plyo/turbo blast
9/14 -- Off day
9/15 -- Cardio blast
9/16 -- Team blast
9/17 -- Core/Stretch blast
9/18 -- Body Weight blast
9/19 -- Lower body blast
9/20 -- Tabata

In addition to these 30 minute workouts, we have 'homework' that we have to do on our own.  Food is three servings (open hand) of vegetables and fruit. Two lean protein (palm of hand). No white bread or white pasta. No sugar, dessert, cookies, cakes, etc., etc.

Monday 9/10 -- Upper body blast was with my regular trainer, so it was nothing I wasn't already used to.  Homework on the other hand about killed me -- Treadmill @ 3.0, incline of 5, walking for 10 minutes, increasing incline every minute. YIKES. I was hanging on for dear life!

Tuesday 9/11 -- Partner blast on Tuesday was a cardio circuit with a partner. Running suicides, reverse crunches, lunges with a band, etc. Again with my regular trainer so I was pretty used to it. Did not enjoy running around the tennis court, but I made it.  Homework was: Plank (1 min), Side plank (1 min each side), side plank with hip dips (I couldn't do these), regular crunches (1 min). Since I couldn't do hip dips, I also did reverse crunches for 1 minute.

Wednesday 9/12 (whole body now hurts) -- Circuit blast was with a different trainer and she was brutal!! It was a whole body circuit working thighs (lunges, low jumping jacks, squats and overhead press, balance board/bicep curls), crunches (on the ball and bicycle), and arms. Each exercise was done for three minutes.  Homework: Bike on level 10 or above with RPMs 75 or above for 5 minutes. Was hard after doing the circuit, but I managed.

Tomorrow I have to miss, but the trainer told me what they were doing, so I'm on my own.  Off day on Friday. Wish me luck!! :)

Body hurts, but it means progress to Losing Me.

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