Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Blasting Fat!

Whew!! This is super hard, but I've done fairly well with the no bread or pasta. It's the sugar I can't kick.

Saturday 9/15 - Morning session. Bad, bad, bad. I felt like I was in gym class all over again... always being last. Ugh. Was frustrating, but I didn't stop moving. At one point the trainer had us in a single file line, jogging around the track. The person in the back of the line had to run to the front... I pushed my way to the front, past all the tall people. It took me a minute, but I did it. Then... the wheezing started. I have never wheezed like that in my life. Then mountain climbers for a minute (twice), then running stairs for a minute (twice). After the 30 minutes was over, I went to the gym and did my daily homework: squats, lunges, and balance board squat.

I made it! After this session, I had to go to church clean-up day. Washing doors, doing squats, etc. Later that after I get home and relax. Go to stand up and my calves were tight. Thinking it was just that mornings workouts, I wasn't concerned.

Sunday 9/16 - Calves are still tight. Yikes. I might need to get them massaged out. Session tonight was good. More running -- ugh. I ate one piece of bread today and that's it. No sugar. Yay me!!! :) Homework - check.

We're in the home stretch! I'm curious how much I've lost, at least in inches. I've been more focused on not eating bread or sugar, that I'm not so worried about what to lose.

How was your weekend? Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you! :)

It hurts, but it's necessary to Lose Me.

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