Friday, September 28, 2012

5k madness

Well. 5k #3 and #4 became #4 and #5. Today I signed up for 5k #3, taking place tomorrow. Blazin' the Burg!! My goal is to complete in under an hour. One of these times hopefully I'll be able to run the entire thing. :)

I've also signed up for the 10-day fat blast at my gym. I'm looking forward to conquering even more ground on this next one. Speaking of conquering, how were your goals for September?? I completed three out of my five.

1. MFP everyday
2. 100 miles
3. No dessert
4. 100 miles by 9/11
5. 10-day fat blasting

My month wasn't so much concentrated on the 100 miles, even after I set the goal. Oh well. I made the 100 by 9/11, that's where my focus was.  Tomorrow I'll post about my goals for October. The month is going to be full of things I've never done before... Scared, but excited. :)

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  1. Great Blog Leslie....I will come back later to read more (gotta help hubby with a project:) You go Girl..lots of people are supporting you in your journey.
    If you get a chance pop over to my blog!! hugs