Saturday, February 9, 2013

More randoms?

I wasn't sure what to write about this morning. I'm feeling kind of blah.. and really for no reason. I'm supposed to have a leadership meeting at church this morning (at 9) and then a training at 1. Honestly - I don't want to go to either. I get like this sometimes, possibly more frequently since being diagnosed T2.

Possibly something to talk to my dietitian about when I see her next week. I didn't work out much this week, but my eating was good (until last night... we had pizza for dinner)! I did a couple days of the sit ups challenge, but right now I'm behind a day or two.

This is a vicious circle, because I don't feel like working out, and don't really care. Then when I get out of the funk, I'm mad at myself for doing (or not doing) things I did.


Hope my New England friends are staying safe! Have a fabulous Saturday. :)

P.S. No t-rex dance, please. ;) You know who you are.


  1. I wondered why I had not seen or heard much from you this week. So shall I "poke" you everyday??? You can do this Leslie....yes, you can!! So be afraid, be very afraid cuz I'm going to PM you everyday to see what you're up too!!! LOL :) Hang in there. HUGS :)

    1. Ha! I am afraid... but I don't mind. :)

  2. Hey Leslie, I want you to check out my friend's blog. She is about the same age as you and dealing with many of the same issues, I think you two have lots in common and you might enjoy what's happening in her life right now. She's listening to the "master gardener" and is being transplanted to Africa from Hawaii. she's a wonderful person and has a true heart for the Lord. I love her!! tell her I sent ya :) Check her out at Have a great week.