Monday, February 18, 2013


Here we are, six days into the season of Lent. I'm trying, once again, to give up Facebook. Last year I made it 12 days. I'm not doing too bad! I've even deleted the app from my phone so I'm not tempted. This year I didn't want to concentrate on food. So much of my life is already overloaded with food do's and don'ts. I wanted to focus on the one thing that takes up more time than anything else. Something that is distracting me from getting in God's word.

Today's devotion was about Adam and Eve in the garden... Why was Eve so quick to believe the serpent? Why are we so quick to believe the devil when he lies to us? We can't be angry with Eve because we do the same thing! When the enemy tells us we're too fat or we can't do something, we believe what he has to say, and we can't get past that. We can't trust God with our lives because we're so in tune with untruths about ourselves.

In preparation for Easter, the next five weeks will prove difficult, but there's many more things for me to focus on -- Prayer, devotions, eating right, workouts, and maybe even reading an actual book. ;) I'm reading A Woman Who Trusts God: Finding the Peace You Long for by Debbie Alsdorf.


  1. Hi Leslie, I'm doing the no facebook for Lent too!!So far so good, but.. I have been on Pinterest a bit more...looking for garden projects :)
    We got a wonderful gift late sunday nite....Ron's dad accepted Christ, can I get a WOOHOO!! Ron's mom had been praying for this for over 50 years. God does answer our prayers. Have a great week. I'm getting ready for the BIG snow storm. Luv ya.

    1. WOOHOOO!!! That's awesome!! How much snow are you supposed to get? We're supposed to get 6-8 I think! Stay warm!